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Child Welfare

Prevention is a priority in child welfare system, and there are several ways to promote safe starts for children. Nurturing family environments are essential for children’s healthy development, and by providing support and resources to families, we can ensure children have the best start in life. Prevention from the child welfare system is also key, and must include advocacy for children and families to ensure their rights are respected and supported. We must also address the root causes of child welfare system involvement, such as poverty, domestic violence, and substance abuse, to help ensure future generations are safe and healthy.

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The Military Children's Six Foundation works to eliminate discriminatory education policies and practices and the inequitable distribution of resources that undermine equal educational opportunities for all students, especially military children, poor and low-income students, children of color, children with disabilities.

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Child Proverty

The Military Children's Six Foundation works to create communities in America where no child lives in poverty and all children have the OPPORTUNITIES, and RESOURCES they need to reach their full potential

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Youth Justice & Advocacy

The Military Children Six Foundation Youth Justice Advocacy Initiative, are committed to advancing a justice system that treats children as children, not criminals. We strive to ensure that all youth have access to fair and equitable treatment through advocacy, education, and collaboration. We work to ensure more humane and rehabilitative prevention and treatment for all children who come in contact with the juvenile justice system, especially military children and children of color who historically have been disproportionately impacted.


Children Health

We work to ensure all military children in America have access to physical and behavioral health coverage and care that is child-specific, comprehensive, affordable, and easy to get and keep regardless of the military status of the parent or income, zip code, place of birth, or immigration status.

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Gun Violence

We believe sensible gun reform is essential to reduce gun violence and save children's lives. We advocate for common-sense regulations like background checks, safe storage requirements, and increased funding for research on gun violence. We also support legislation that would limit the types of firearms that can be sold and the number of rounds of ammunition that can be purchased. We are committed to working with lawmakers, law enforcement, and other stakeholders to ensure our communities are safe and our children are protected. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that all people have the right to a safe and secure future.

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