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The Mission of the Military Children's Six Foundation is to support the development of children of active. reservist, retired, and veteran military families.


We strive to provide resources and support to ensure that military children have access to the same educational, social, and emotional opportunities as their civilian counterparts. We recognize the unique challenges that military families face and are committed to providing support and resources to help build resilient and adaptive children. 

We are also dedicated to promoting the mental, physical, and emotional health of military children and families, as well as providing a platform for advocacy on issues related to military children.


We strive to create a strong support network for military children and their families and a bridge between military families and the civilian community. 

We strive to foster resilience, adaptability, and community engagement, and create a supportive environment for military children and their families.

The Military Children's Six Foundation is committed to honoring our service members and their families by supporting and celebrating their children. Guiding us in this mission are the core values that we seek to model after the U.S. Armed Forces.

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