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The Military Children's Six Foundation (MC6) is a 501 (c) (3) child-centric advocacy, and humanitarian Foundation headquartered in Washington, DC.

Founded in 2019, Colonel Adrienne Schaffer, Esq, (Retired USA), is the Founder and  Executive Director.


The Military Children's Six Foundation is a veteran-based, child-centric, advocacy organization that promotes, pursues, and protects the best interest of a child through advocacy. Life is challenging enough. And, when children lack the necessary information, support systems, and capabilities to successfully navigate life, life becomes even harder; but it does not have to become their reality.


Advocacy can raise awareness, help bridge the divide, open doors to new insights, safeguard and advance child rights, and offer alternative solutions; all in furthering the health, development, and welfare of the child to help them succeed. It is our hope that through advocacy we can impact the culture of military children today and well into their foreseeable future.

The Military Children's Six Foundation services are tailored to address the concerns and influence outcomes, large and small, in order to best serve the needs, health, and welfare of military children, and the needs of any child who could use our help to thrive.


MC6F seeks to serve as a community of champions for all children of military families regardless of the service member's military status, whether they are active, retired, or a veteran, including children who are not military service-connected. We're committed to helping children combat the myriad of social issues confronting them daily, such as literacy, mental health concerns, bullying, addiction, sexual assault, child PTSD and sadly suicide just to name a few.


A Personal Message from the Executive Director of the Military Children's Six Foundation

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