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Advocacy Services

The Military Children's Six Foundation advocacy services are tailored to address the concerns and influence outcomes, large and small, in order to best serve the needs, health, and welfare of military children. The scope of Military Children's Six Foundation advocacy services offers invaluable tools, resources, and the know-how to advocate for your child whether it's you doing the work or MC6F as an advocate.

The listed advocacy areas are where we want to begin to make the most impact to empower, inform, and influence the direction and outcomes for children. This list is not meant to limit our reach. Rather this list of advocacy service areas is to strike at the causes that all children the most. If there is an area where a substantial number of military children could use our help we've not identified please let us know and we will do what we can to make a difference there too.



Children Legal Advocates

When a matter of legal import arises, children deserve to have competent individuals who understand the law and know how to defend and enforce their rights.


The Military Children Child Legal Advocates and our network of attorneys are knowledgeable of the military regulations, civilian laws, and statutes to serve the best interest of military children.

Military Children Legal Assistance Advocates can advise clients and represent (go to bat for) children in court, and mediation or act on behalf of a client in legal matters.


When a family has no or limited resources to pay for legal services, an MC6F legal advocate may take on the matter pro bono or at a substantially reduced rate as a family's ability to pay should not deny them access to competent and high-quality legal representation.


Children Healthcare Advocates

Children need quality healthcare. MC6F believes that in order to create an environment where children can fulfill their potential, a cohort of advocates was necessary to ensure systems and policies did not ignore the needs of the smallest residents.


MC6F's healthcare mission is even more important today. Through leadership and collaboration, MC6F advances policy and systems changes to achieve health equity for all military children. 


MC6F operationalizes this definition and our mission to advance health equity through our advocacy and four core focus areas: community engagement, data, education, and policy.

MC6F Child Healthcare Advocates provides information to parents, childcare providers, employers, educators, and community groups.

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Our approach focuses on both individual children and families and also on systems-level internal and external partnerships with educators, healthcare providers, civic leaders, family-run organizations, and the community to co‐create innovative, evidence‐informed approaches that truly make a difference in outcomes for military children and families.


Children Mental Health Advocates

The stigma around mental health is destructive to a child's ability to get the help they need to become mentally healthy children.


MC6F Mental Health Advocates utilizes the CORE System Approach (Collaboration, Outreach, Research, Equity), and works with partners to improve mental health outcomes for all military children.


Children Education Advocates

All children are entitled to have equal educational opportunities regardless of their racial lineage, income, disability, zip code, native language, or background.


It is urgent that we protect the inherent rights of children to receive a good quality education.

MC6F Children Education Advocates will help to empower, protect, expand, and pursue education equity in their respective schools to ensure children receive the education to which they are entitled. We support and advocate for Purple Star School Designations nationwide. (MCEC)



The education advocates will also act as an intermediary between the child and parent, and the child's school to ensure a child has the requisite resources, services, and accommodations in place in an academic environment that adequately responds to the educational needs of children while providing a good quality education for all in the process.

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