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Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health

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Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health

Founded: 2011

Mission: To close gaps in maternal mental health care so that all pregnant and postpartum mothers have access to standardized, evidence-based care from providers they respect and trust.

About the organization: Established in 2011 as 2020 Mom, the Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health works to raise awareness of the prevalence of maternal mental health disorders and identify barriers and pathways to change by engaging cross-sector stakeholders, bringing together nonprofit partners, identifying best practices, creating tools to support change agents, and leading awareness campaigns centering mother’s stories. According to the organization, maternal mental health disorders, which are the most common complication of pregnancy, affect up to one in five expecting and postpartum mothers in the United States, with higher rates for mothers of color. Factors limiting access to care include mental health provider shortages, gaps in obstetrician provider training, behavioral health insurance being a "carve-out" of medical insurance, lack of care coordination and case management, insurers declining qualified mental health providers access to their networks or denying approval of appropriate care, lack of measurement and accountability of providers delivering of a standard of care, limited outpatient and inpatient hospital programs, and distrust of the health care system by Black and brown mothers. In 2021, the organization adopted a new strategic plan for 2022-25, which is focused on doubling down on the implementation of solutions. From 2017 to early 2023, it managed The Blue Dot Project, which runs an annual social media awareness campaign to raise awareness and address shame and stigma around maternal mental health.

Current programs: The Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health’s programming includes an annual Maternal Mental Health FORUM to mobilize cross-sector stakeholders through knowledge sharing, introduce successful strategies and impactful programs, and engage stakeholders in discussions about effective policies. The organization publishes fact sheets, issue briefs, and papers; state report cards based on 17 measures in the areas of providers and programs, screening and screening reimbursement, and insurance coverage and payment; and a risk assessment map showing where mothers are at the greatest risk of suffering from maternal mental health disorders and where the greatest need for providers and community-based organizations are.

The organization also provides a roadmap for maternal mental health that outlines recommendations for state and federal regulatory and legislative action. Advocacy efforts to advance policy change at the state and federal levels include drafting model legislation, providing a toolkit for commissions and task forces, and launching training programs for leaders of state agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Website: Visitors to the Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health can learn more about maternal mental health disorders; download materials for raising awareness, information on and tools for screening, and resources for providers, hospitals, communities, and employers; or visit the Remembrance Wall. They also can browse current and upcoming research projects, check out the blog for the latest developments, and find out how individuals, grantmakers and thought leaders, and corporate sponsors can support the organization’s work.

Funding: The Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health is supported by philanthropic foundations, earned income, and individuals.

Address:5101 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 8-326 Los Angeles, CA 90029

Phone: (310) 955-1081

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