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The Military Children's Six Leadership Development & Training Academy

At MC6 Leadership Development Training Academy, we believe that education and leadership development go hand-in-hand. Our comprehensive approach to developing leaders includes providing students with the necessary skills to become effective communicators, critical thinkers, and collaborative problem solvers.


We also focus on providing students with the tools to become ethical and responsible leaders. Our leadership development program also focuses on developing a positive attitude, respect for diversity, and a sense of responsibility to the community.

Our educational and leadership development programs are designed to help students develop their personal and professional aspirations and to build on their strengths and interests.


We strive to develop an environment that encourages students to become self-motivated, resourceful, and innovative. Our programs and training provide the tools and opportunities for students to become engaged and successful members of their community.

At MC6 Leadership Development Training Academy, we are committed to helping students develop the skills and habits necessary to become successful, ethical leaders. We strive to foster an environment of respect, collaboration, and personal growth, and to provide students with the tools they need to become successful and productive members of their community.

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