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Advocacy Is What We Do Best

Let Thy Work Appear Unto Thy Servant, and Thy Glory Unto Their Children.
Psalms 90:16 (KJV)


Advocacy can take many forms.  In simple terms, it means making the case for your cause or mission.  When we talk about advocacy at the Military Children's Six Foundation (MC6F), we usually mean making your case in a way that will change public policy to help the causes of military children. That means reaching audiences in a position to help make those changes. MC6F Advocacy could be any one of a number of things from research and public education to lobbying elected officials and voter engagement. These activities are especially important when you want to make sure that underrepresented and vulnerable communities have a voice in decisions that affect them.

MC6F Advocacy works to ensure that children’s rights are considered in government laws, policies, budgets, communities, and programs. An independent advocate, such as through the office of the ombudsman for children or a child rights-focused non-governmental organization, like the Military Children's Six Foundation serves to represent the best interests of military children and youth, independently of political structures.

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Education Advocacy

IEP & 504 Plans

Purple School Designations

Education Reform

Leadership Development

Advocacy Areas

Legal (Criminal/Defense/Civil)



Mental Health

Family Support Services

Abuse Prevention Training


Specialized Advocacy Services

Child Sexual Assault & Trauma

Child Abuse & Neglect

Military Children Affairs

Our Services

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Focus Areas

The Military Children Advocacy focuses on four key priorities when it comes to the well-being of military children: education, mental health services and resources, and advocacy. We are committed to advocating for legislative reform to improve the lives of military children and to ensure that their rights and needs are properly addressed.


Additionally, we are dedicated to amplifying the work of those battling the global issues of sexual abuse, trafficking, incest, and exploitation to give children the strength not just to survive, but to thrive

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General George W. Casey

The Honorable George W. Casey, Jr. cordially invites you to the Inaugural Opening of The Military Children 2024 World Expo.

General George William Casey Jr. is a retired four-star general who served as the 36th Chief of Staff of the United States Army. His distinguished career spanned 41 years in the U.S. Army following his graduation from Georgetown University.


Major General

Dr. Sharon Bannisters

The Honorable Sharon R. Bannister Keynote Orator For the Month of the Military Child World Expo Celebration. 

General Sharon R. Bannister is a retired United States Air Force major general and dentist who last served as director of medical operations of the Office of the Surgeon General of the United States Air Force. She previously served as command surgeon of Air Combat Command.


Brigadier General

Erin McMahon


As a devoted mother of military children, I have witnessed firsthand the profound impact that supporting our military families and veteran children can have. These resilient young souls deserve our unwavering commitment to their well-being.

The Military Children's Six Foundation does not charge an entry fee to participate in any of our events. The Buy Tickets tab is actually FREE tickets and if you download a ticket it will allow for you to receive special sponsors gifts while supplies last.

Upcoming Events

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Planned Days of Giving!

The Military Children 2024 World Expo Workshop Series. Free and open to the public (Registration Require) That's right 20 Workshops so choose wisely. National Security, Community Mental Health Advocacy, Aerospace & Aviation, Advocacy, Suicide Prevention Training, Disabilities & Resources, Caregiver & Caregiving, and a lot more. Interested? Click Here.



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