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Veterans Welcome Center

Where information is given & advocates waiting to help.

The Military Children's Six Foundation Veterans Welcome Center helps veterans in the following ways:

  • Provide or arrange veterans transportation to medical appointments,

  • Help recently housed veterans obtain furniture and housing supplies,

  • Educate veterans, and others about VA benefits and services and how a veteran can apply for them,

  • Learn the signs of a veteran or a Veteran's family member in distress,

  • Encourage Veterans to use the VA services she or he has earned,

  • Volunteer with VA Volunteer Service,

  • Support Groups,

  • Provide or assist in drop-off child care services for a Veteran family with young children,

  • Provide advocacy services,

  • Assist Veteran families after the transition from active-duty servicemember to Veteran Status.


Additional services.

  • Forms Assistance

If you are transitioning into Veteran status or you are a Veteran and in need of assistance, then the Military Children's Six Foundation Welcome Center is here for you. Call 202-854-0062 to schedule your visit. 


Information & Resources

Connecting to trusted information is critical for a successful transition from military service to civilian life. MC6 has identified several resources that can help you and your family take advantage of the many great services available.

Whether you need assistance with your college choice, career opportunities, or family life, or if you simply want to learn more about what it means to transition from military service, we invite you to explore your options.


Support Groups & Meetings

If you're facing a major illness or stressful life change, you don't have to go it alone. The MC6 family is here to help. Our support groups bring together people who are going through or have gone through similar experiences. For example, this common ground might be cancer, PTSD, chronic medical conditions, addiction, bereavement, or caregiving. Find out how to choose the right MC6 support group for you. For more information on our support groups follow the link here


Advocacy & More

Our advocates are experienced in military-related issues. In fact, some of our advocates are former JAG officers, practicing law in a civilian capacity. Some of our legal advocate are civilian attorneys who have experience working with military personnel and Veteran related issues. We even have advocates who specializes in community affairs.  

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