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Give every military child the best chance for a healthy life by supporting children's advocacy, education, mental health care, and access.

Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of not just military children but children in general – not just here, but in other countries and in the future.

Military Children’s Six Foundation is one of the premier Veterans Advocacy Child Centric organizations focusing on advocacy, education, mental health, humanitarian crisis relief, and healthcare. Our efforts not only benefit children we advocate for them directly. 

When you give to the Military Children's Six Foundation, you:

  • Give more kids a chance for a healthy life through advocacy, community connectivity, services, and programs.

  • Ensure that every military child and children in communities can receive the same level of care, and advocacy regardless of their family's ability to pay or military status.

  • Help our Humanitarian Response Teams respond to crises affecting children worldwide, and the distribution of emergency supportive services, and goods.


Your support will make a lasting difference for a child. Choose how you want to give today.

We Appreciate You

The willingness to share does not make one charitable; it makes one free.

Now is the Time & the Time is Now.

Things get solved if you get involved.

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