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New Projects & Initiatives 

Nothing can be more useful to a  man than a determination not to be hurried.


The Military Children's Six Foundation's (MC6) Humanitarian Response Team (HRT) responds to military actions, conflicts, and wars with a single objective, "responding to the humanitarian needs of children." MC6-HRT is focused on humanitarian needs that arise, particularly among internally displaced peoples (IDPs) and refugees. We are not focusing on the conflict itself except for how it affects population movement and humanitarian needs. 

Online Warehouse Workers
Girl in a City

The Colonels' Cities of Hope


In difficult times and trying times, God’s answer is often a gift of hope. Hope is God’s plan for each of us.  The need for someone to bring them news of hope has never been greater than it is today. Learn more about the Colonels' Cities of Hope. 


Dependents of Veterans 6 Corps



The Dependents of Veterans Corps (dV6) is a community dedicated to maintaining and honoring the culture of the United States Armed Forces through dependents of the Veterans. More importantly, we are:

  1. Dependents of Veterans

  2. Descendants of Veterans

  3. Offspring of Veterans, and

  4. Military Children of Veterans & Active Duty Members

Family Bike Ride
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