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The Military In Lasting Tribute memorial honors military heroes who died serving Ukraine nation. The memorial is an online destination where survivors can view, remember and share tributes to their loved ones with their networks, extended survivor community and military family. Within these pages, family members can submit the names of the service members they would like to see honored in the memorial. To be eligible, service members must have died while serving honorably on active duty.


The Military Children's Six Foundation 

In the hearts of a nation, no one holds more honor and respect than your deceased service members. Your nation and your military are eternally grateful to them — and to you, their survivors. You and your loved one are forever in our hearts and thoughts, and forever a part of our military family. The Military Children's Six Foundation is committed to providing an enduring remembrance and recognition for your service member, making sure their name and memory live forever. You are invited to submit them to be honored in this Military Children's Six memorial, where your family and friends can view, remember, honor and share the tribute.

To be eligible, service members must have died while serving honorably on active duty, including peacetime deaths.


Who can submit a service member?

Family members who have access or documentation of the service member's death. Understanding the landscape of the the war in Ukraine it may difficult at this time, however please email us of your circumstances at


Photo requirements:

  • Select a photograph that shows only the service member, dressed in military uniform for the service branch they were in when they died or in business attire.

  • Save the photo file in a PNG or JPG format before uploading it to the site.

  • For the best quality, use a 500 pixels by 500 pixels photo.

  • Portrait orientation is recommended.

The submission process:

  • Submit your service member to be honored in the memorial by completing the form in the Add a Loved One page. You will need to enter information about your service member” to complete the memorial request form.

  • Once you complete your submission, the information you enter will be verified against your service member’s individual deceased personnel file to confirm eligibility for the memorial.

  • If there are discrepancies between the information you enter and your service member’s individual deceased personnel file, or if the photo you submit does not meet the requirements, we may need to contact you with questions.

  • You will receive updates throughout the submission review process. Updates will be sent to you according to the contact information you provided during the submission process.

  • You will receive an email when your service member is added to the memorial. The email will include a link to your service member’s individual memorial.


What is the memorial and who is eligible for inclusion?

The Military Children's Six Foundation "Lasting Tribute" online memorial is dedicated to recognizing and remembering service members who died while serving honorably on active duty.

How long will the memorial website be online?

The Military Children's Six "Lasting Tribute" memorial will live forever in the digital landscape.

Are all service members who died eligible for the memorial?

Most service members who died while on active duty including the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine who served honorably are eligible for the "In Lasting Tribute" memorial.

Who can submit a service member for recognition?

The submission process is open to family members who have access to the service member’s pertinent information from the “Report of Casualty.”

How does a family member submit a memorial request?

Family members can begin the submission process by clicking on the plus sign + in the “Add a Loved One” box at the top of this page, where they will find a submission form and instructions. They will be guided through a five-step process that begins with eligibility questions and requires the family member to enter key data “Report of Casualty,” into the online form. They will also be asked to upload a photo, if one is available. The service member’s information will be verified against their individual deceased personnel file before being approved for display in the memorial.

What are the requirements for submitting a photo?

Photographs should show the service member in military uniform (if possible) for the service branch they were in when they died or in business attire and feature only the service member. Photos must be in PNG or JPG format, with a suggested size of 500 pixels by 500 pixels and a maximum file size of 5MB. Portrait orientation is recommended. Once you upload your loved one’s photo, you will be able to crop it as needed.

How is a service member honored in the memorial?

Once the memorial request is processed and approved, the service member’s tribute will be published on the memorial website. In addition to being displayed in the group photo gallery, the service member will have an individual page that displays their name (first name, middle name, last name and suffix with just one space between the words), their photo or service branch seal and information such as rank and date of death. Visitors to the site will have the option to share the link to the memorial via email or social media.

When will I be able to view my service member’s memorial?

You will be able to view your service member’s memorial as soon as it has been approved and published. We will carefully compare your submission with your service member’s official military record and contact you if there are any discrepancies. You will receive an email when your service member is added to the memorial. That email will include a link to your service member’s individual memorial. 

What can I do if my submission for the memorial is not approved?

If you have new information and evidence to confirm your service member’s eligibility for the memorial, contact your service casualty office.

Why is my service member not in the memorial?

The Military Children's Six Foundation respects the privacy of service members and surviving family members. Deceased service members will not be added to the memorial without a family member’s permission. Family members who wish to include their loved one in the memorial should submit a memorial request and photo through the Add a Loved One form linked at the top of this page.

How do I make an update to an existing honoree’s memorial?

You can request updates to an existing honoree’s memorial by selecting the Update Honoree link on the service member’s individual tribute page. You will be asked to verify the email address you used when you submitted the original request for the service member to be included in the memorial. Once verified, you may submit a request to update your service member’s information or photo. If you did not submit the original request to add the service member to the memorial, there is a separate process to verify that you are eligible to request edits to the memorial.

Is it possible to change my service member's information on their tribute page?

All requests to add service members to the In Lasting Tribute memorial are verified against their official military record. Once verified, the service member’s information from their official military record is used for the memorial. We cannot display information that does not match that record, nor can we change the format or order of the information.

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